You are required to submit a report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major multinational company to aid in the formulation of the internationalisation strategy of that company. The Report must be no more than a maximum of 4,000 words and must follow standard academic writing conventions in terms of referencing. Further advice on the structure of the report is given below.

The company is a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) based company from one of the following sector (choose one industry from retail, renewable energy, higher education, financial services, creative industries).It is considering a joint venture in China or India and your role is to advise on whether this is a desirable objective. The CEO requires analysis of the general business environment (in the widest sense) in which the investment will take place. S/he also needs advice on what form the investment should take (if you decide it should proceed) and on possible cultural/institutional obstacles to the investment. Also feel free to include any other challenges/opportunities posed by the project.


The report should include at least the following structure


  • Executive Summary (very brief) – main areas investigated and a summary of the advice given. Central key idea or central point of view to highlighted in the executive summary.

Executives are busy people with short attention spans and may not read the whole report. Therefore, this must be brief but also include the main points of the report and key findings

  • Introduction – terms of reference, an outline of the industry and the ‘problem’, a summary of the structure of what is contained in the report, and a short outline of how the research for the report was done.
  • The main body of the text – this should be well structured and build towards your recommendations and conclusions.
  • Recommendations and conclusions for the key areas outlined above. There should be a separate section for each area, which puts the case for the various options and provides an argument back by analysis and evidence for the recommended option.
  • Reference list – full references for sources used in the report. NB There should not be a bibliography. All the material in the reference list should be referred to in the text of the report.
  • Appendices – data (as defined above used in the report).


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