Writing Environment

What works the best for you when you get ready to start writing. What kind of environment do you prefer and why. What is your style, do you like to plan ahead and research in advance or do you tend to procrastinate till the last minute, or are you somewhere in the middle. What kind of place do you like to write in (your room, library, coffee shop etc). Do you like it quiet or noisy? Do you like music and TV to be on. Do you silence your phone. In this essay you need to put in your observations about YOUR WRITING STYLE and PREFERENCES. Make sure you use your 5 senses (what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste – for example the coffee brought in a fresh wave of inspiration etc.). Make sure you use the Ws and the H (What, when, where, why and how). Also you need to use different Figures of Speeches such as Metaphor, Irony, Simile, Paradox, Euphemism, Hyperbole, Oxymoron etc.

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