Writing and Excel Self-Assessment

Summarize what you have learned from the results of the two self-assessments that you have completed. Think about the role of writing and a tool such as MS Excel in your business career. Include the following in your summary:
1. Introduction.
2 .Your writing assessment scores.
3. Your Excel assessment score.
4 .A self-evaluation of what these assessments mean, how they might be related to your success in this program and in your career, and how you might work to improve these skills, if you are not happy with your current capabilities. Consider resources available in the Capella Writing Center and MBA Central Discussions (a wide variety of resources, posted by learners).
5. A concise description of one potential direction you see your career taking, once you have completed the MBA program.
6. Your initial ideas for steps you might take while pursuing your MBA to support this career direction.


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