You are the Human Resources Manager at XYZ Industries, Inc. In an effort to be more accepting of individuals from all cultures, there will no longer be an office “Christmas Party”with elements like a Christmas tree and Secret Santa gift exchange. Instead, there will be a“Winter Celebration” which will showcase decorations from all winter holidays and will replace the gift exchange with the appearance of a live band for entertainment.

Draft a memo explaining this scenario to your 150+ employees.Preparation:Review Chapter 8: Writing Negative Messages (Especially pgs. 193-195)Format:

Memo formatting can be found on page 426-427 in your book.The format of your memo tells your employees a lot about your sensitivity and professionalism.Since you do not want to upset any employees unnecessarily, you should also be conscious of your wording when explaining culturally-sensitive subjects. Pay particular attention to your memo’s margins, line spacing, font type and size, and placement of memo parts such as the addressees, subject line, and body.

Address the memo to all home office employees at your company.

Recommended Organization Header: Begin your memo with the four standard memo heads (Date, To, From, Subject).

Body/Discussion: In the first paragraph of the body include your reasons for the decision. Memos do not begin with greetings or salutations. Fully explain why the change is occurring and what the current situation is. The second paragraph is where you add a positive spin to the situation. This is where you should outline the proposed revisions to the holiday event and the immediate benefits they provide.In the third paragraph, be sure to validate any anticipated concerns employees may have about this adjustment. Explain the greater benefit in the long-term this decision provides and conclude your memo by indicating how the reader may contact you if he/she has any questions.

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