Work Placement Vacancy, CV and Covering Letter, Reflection

Work Placement Vacancy, CV and Covering Letter, Reflection
Aim: The aim of this assignment is to prepare you for the graduate labour market by ensuring you can articulate the skills, knowledge and aptitudes necessary for the specific work placement you will be required to apply for. It will prepare you for making successful applications to employers or clients and establishing yourself firmly for early career development.

You must state clearly which skills and experiences are outlined in the advertisement.
You are required to critically evaluate the skills and experiences this employer is looking for and compare these to your current skills and experiences.
You must outline your plans to address the gaps between the skills and
experiences required for this position and the ones you already possess. No more than two A4 pages for the above 3 points.

CV and Covering Letter (20%)
With the ‘aforementioned work placement’ in mind, you need to create a skills- based CV and covering letter tailored to this position. Your CV should
demonstrate how your skills and experiences align to the work placement to convince the potential employer of your suitability. Your covering letter should also be tailored to the work placement you are applying for, to guide the potential employer to your CV’s relevance.
Reflection (50%)
A written reflective essay of 300 words on the importance of the goals you have set and your stepping-stones to achieve them.
Once you have identified your needs for the specific work placement you should set SMART goals to achieve them.
2 short term goals (up to level 6)
2 medium term goals (up to your graduation)
2 long term goals (up to 2 years post-graduation)

Assignment 2: Marking Criteria (100 Marks in total)
Work Placement Vacancy (30 Marks in total)
Identify the skills the employer is looking for (5 Marks)
Critically evaluate these skills against the skills you already possess (10 Marks)
Plan to close the gap between these skillsets (15 Marks)
CV and Covering Letter (20 Marks in total)
CV (10 Marks)
Fit for purpose (content)
Covering letter (10 Marks)
Fit for purpose (tone and content)
Reflection (50 Marks in total)
SMART Goals identified (10 Marks)
Clear action plan aligned to the goals (20 Marks)
Critical analysis (20 Marks)



Placements with Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn (Michigan, US), manufactures or distributes vehicles across six continents. With about 166,000 employees and about 65 plants worldwide, the UK is one of our most important markets outside the US, where we employ around 13,000 individuals.

We are now looking for talented individuals to undertake 12-month paid work placements as part of our business placement program starting early March 2016 in the following area:
Marketing, Sales & Service
Ford is one of the strongest and most recognised brands in the world. In the UK, we continue to be market leader, having held this position for over 25 years. But we’re never complacent and are always looking for new talent with fresh ideas. Marketing, Sales and Service professionals help to create the essential bonds between our company, our Dealers and our customers.
To find out more about working at Ford please visit

You will need to be able to demonstrate:
• knowledge and passion about our business and our customers • a drive for continuous improvement
• ability to build strong relationships and be a team player
• excellent communication skills
• a can do, find a way, attitude
• a positive approach and ability to inspire others
• experience of delivering high quality work to deadlines
• creativity, initiative, diplomacy, self-motivation and self confidence

These opportunities with Ford will enhance your understanding of how a successful global corporation works, gaining an insight into your chosen discipline and developing both personal and professional skills that will be of benefit to you in your future career.
USE only books and/or academic journals as sources if needed

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