Women living in Poverty with Mental Illness

Research Methodology Paper
Topic: Women living in Poverty with Mental Illness-(The study is for 1,000 participants of Orange County (Orlando, FL)
Key Concepts to address:
• See if there is a relationship between poverty and mental illness
• Sample study:
o Women (establish age group)
o Demographics – Orange county (Orlando, FL)
• Secondary Data: (government websites, census (Orlando florida)
o Women in poverty- government website
o Measure the level of poverty among women
o How many women have mental illness
o How many women are living below the poverty line (Orange county)
o How many women are diagnosed with mental illness (Orange county)
o Explain how government found data
o Census on how the data was obtained
o Is there a scale that measures mental illness and poverty
• Probability sample- random (1,000 participants)
• Systematic approach
• Simple random sample (1,000 participants)
• Look and what and how the government defines mental illness
• Quantitative research design (process of design)
• Is there is possible threats
• Strengths and weakness of study

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