Wildlife Management Plan: The Wyoming Toad

Wildlife Management Plan: The Wyoming Toad
Using the attached outline or format develop a Wildlife Management plan for the Wyoming Toad (Anaxyrus baxteri). The attachment outlines the type of content that should be covered in each area. You must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the species in question, its habitat requirements, natural history and ecology. Then develop a comprehensive management plan that will bring the population of your species of choice back from the brink of “threatened” or “endangered” status. You must clearly identify the factors or threats affecting your species of choice, link the management actions you propose to the threats the species’ faces, defend your methods of management, why you chose the methods you did, and explain how you will monitor the implementation of your proposed plan to measure its success. Cite all of your sources correctly within the text and at the end of your plan.

Writing ability is needed to effectively communicate what is needed, why, and what the anticipated results will be. Pay special attention to crediting your sources, spelling, grammar, sentence structure and the logical progression of thought within your document.

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