Whey protein powder and muscle building

Whey protein powder and muscle building
Choose ONE topic from the list below and prepare an essay discussing the sources of information available within this topic area. Critique the information sources using The 10 red flags of junk science and other relevant investigations, such as those identified in your unit notes and textbook. You must state your opinion on the reputability of each source, justifying your statements. You must also draw your own conclusions around your selected health topic based on the information you have researched, however the majority of your word count should be allocated to your critique of the information.

You are required to reference a variety of sources in your discussion such as websites, blogs, books, journal articles and additional sources. Include at least three sources of information you consider to be ‘reliable’, and at least three sources you consider to be ‘unreliable’.

Your essay should be written in a third person voicing (please don’t use ‘I’, ‘my’ or ‘me’). You must not use your own personal anecdotes as evidence.

Please choose ONE topic only

Whey protein powder and muscle building
For written assignments your work should be typed (at least 12 point). Leave a blank margin of at least 2.5 cm on the right hand side.

Assignments must be written in your own words. In-text referencing must be used (Author, date) and a reference list must be included at the end of your assignment. Reference lists should be in alphabetical order. You must cite all sources that you use to prepare your assignment.
Referencing must be APA referencing style.

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