What role did the export of primary products play in the development of Upper Canada during the 19th century? Can the Staples Thesis explain these developments?

1. Introduction

– Should introduce the topic and explain why this topic is interesting to an

economist in terms of its economic and/or historical importance

– A brief overview of the key lines of debate is often included

2. Thesis Statement or hypothesis

– the introduction should end with a thesis statement

– that is, an assertion about the issue at hand, a claim that you will argue is true.

– the rest of the essay will present evidence to support that hypothesis

– a good strategy is to start out by addressing a view that is in opposition to the one you will argue is most persuasive


3. Specification of an Economic Model, Theoretical Framework or Approach

– the argument about cause and effect relationships used to test the hypothesis

– the model may be in the form of mathematics, geometry, diagram, or words


4. Evidence and Analysis (Discussion)

– you need to gather evidence to support the hypothesis

– the evidence may be in the form of written words and statistics gathered from

your scholarly sources (secondary evidence)

– or it may be in the form of original data or documents from the period

(primary evidence)

– and/or graphs, diagrams, and other images

– this section represents the main body of your essay


5. Conclusion

here you summarize the results and implications of the analysis

– if relevant, suggest further work that would help to resolve the issue

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