“What is the role of IT in strengthening management capacity in Hospital IT Settings?”

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Section 3.4.3 on page 35 of the Turabian book includes a series of suggestions for evaluating online sources. Please review these and complete the following:

1. Add one or two of your own methods for determining the reliability of an online source (that doesn’t overlap the text)

2. Include a link to two of your favorite online sites related to your research proposal topic specifically or your degree area more generally. Remember that for your assignments you must use peer-reviewed journal articles and many of those are available online through the scholarly databases. I am looking for in this discussion, but more general and reliable sites that contribute to your thinking about a specific topic and/or your degree area. (e.g., CDC.gov, EPA.gov, etc.)

3.develop a top 17 list of suggestions for determining the reliability of an online source.

4. Like your top 3 of suggestions to determining the reliability of an online source.

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