What is the difference between singing and writing and what are the similarities between the two art forms? In my essay, I plan to describe the answer to this question. I choose to write about them because I am fond of them and they fit the compare and c

1.Using outside sources You will need to use at least 2 outside sources on this essay. Because you will be using outside sources, your paper must use correct APA style citationsand must include a reference page. If your paper does not include correct usage of citations, you are plagiarizing. We will be discussing finding outsidesources, APA style citations, and plagiarism over the next few weeks. 2.Personal pronouns Because this is not an expository essay like Essay #1, you will not be allowed to use first and second person pronouns. Avoid saying “I”, “You”, and “We” in your entire essay. Use only third person pronouns, such as “they”,“one”and “it”.

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