Week 8 Assignment

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Week 8 Assignment – Appeal Case Study

Directions: Select one of the following three scenarios and draft a letter that is appropriate to the situation:

Unusual Circumstance:

Andrew applies for admissions to 5 colleges. He made sure that all the schools received the applications by the due date. In January he completed and submitted all his financial aid paper work. In February he learned he was accepted to all of the colleges he applied to! In March he received financial aid packages from each of the colleges. Later in March he learns that his father was laid off from his job that earned him $125,000 a year. His mom works part time as a teacher?s assistant where she earns $20,000 a year. Andrew has a sister who is a junior in high school. Dad received a small severance package. The family had saved for Andrew?s college, but it is not enough to cover all four years. The dad is not sure when he will might find another job.

The financial aid office has requested the family to send additional documents, which includes their federal tax returns, the letter that shows the dad?s last date of employment, a copy of the severance he received and a current pay check of the moms.


Meaghan receives financial aid award packages from three colleges. Her first choice school offered her the lowest amount. All three colleges are similar in cost, but she really wants to go to her first choice. Her parents have some money saved, but it will be a stretch for them to come up with money each year.

The financial aid office is requesting a copy of the other award letters.


Jeff is a wonderful student with a great GPA and SAT scores. He has been accepted to all the colleges he applied to and has received scholarships (not based on need) from all of them. His top choice did not offer him as much as the others. He is not eligible for any need based financial aid.

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