Week 1: Ancient Egyptians

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The director of the research department, Alaina, who is your supervisor, would like to discuss strategies for how you will conduct and present your research for the project. You have been provided with the book Survey of Historic Costume to use as your main information source and you will also be searching for images and additional information in the AIPOD online library and the Internet. It is essential that the trend forecasting service provide information and visuals to its clients that are:

Original and not plagiarized
Credible and accurate
Therefore, it is important that you:

Understand what types of information you should be looking for.
Know the appropriate types of sources to use.
Learn how to give credit for the information and images you find.
Make sure that you are writing your own interpretation of what you are reading to create original content (paraphrasing and summarizing).
Helpful Hint: Links to tutorials on how to paraphrase and cite sources using MLA format can be found in the Course Home under “MLA Research Writing.”

Please also always read my initial responses to the discussion threads below each assignment!


Alaina has asked you to address the following topics to make sure you are on the same page as the organization you are working for about your approach to historical research and writing. Each topic should be explained in at least 100 words (400 total), and make sure to include a Works Cited list at the end, and in-text citations throughout:

Following the guidelines about primary sources in this week’s lectures, explain in your own words what a primary source is. Also find one example of a primary source from Ancient Egypt on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website. Include the image in your document and provide a caption to explain what is being shown.

Refer to the section in the the textbook titled “Sources of Evidence for the Study of Egyptian Costume,” (found in Chapter 2) ( in uploaded file) and the Fashion Encyclopedia article about “Egyptian Clothing,” answer the following:
What types of evidence (primary sources) do archaeologists and historians use to find out what the Ancient Egyptians wore?
Discuss at least two reasons why the primary sources from Ancient Egypt might not give information about the clothing that is 100% accurate.
When answering these questions, include one direct quote from one source to support your answer and cite it correctly in MLA format.
Considering the guidelines given in this week’s lecture about “Credible Internet Sources”, explain why the resources given in the above instructions (Survey of Historic Costume, The Met Museum, and Fashion Encyclopedia) would generally be considered credible sources and also find one source online that you would consider a non-credible source. Explain why

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