Watching 3 movies and doing an essay- NB- Please you must watch the videos.

Essay Assessment

During the winter intersession, students will be assigned a reflection paper. The paper counts for up to 100 points. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, using an 11- or 12-point font with a length of 7–8 pages in actual writing (minimum 2,000 words). The title page and references will not count toward the 2,000 words. The paper must be submitted to the Blackboard (SafeAssignment) by the due date (Dec 31 , 2015, at 7 p.m.). Run the spell check and proofread your paper before submitting it.


Students must retain a copy of any assignment turned in. Failure to submit by the due date will result in zero for the assignment. If your originality is less than 80%, your paper will be seriously examined for possible plagiarism.


Please include at least three sources from peer-reviewed journals in your paper and cite properly using the APA format. The textbook, Web sites, Wikipedia, newspaper articles, and magazine articles will not be considered as an appropriate source.


If you are not sure about the APA format

Paper Topic:

You will watch the following three movies via Blackboard during the coursework.

Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008)

Gran Torino (2008)

A Better Life (2011)

These movies captured the issues encountered by young minorities. Based on the movies and theories studied in this class, discuss what are the similarities and differences in terms of challenges for those different ethnic groups. How can the criminological theories help explain their issues and how can society help them provide resources for those juveniles?


Please write the paper with the following sections.

Introduction (less than one page)

In this section, briefly discuss how you organized your paper.

Summary of the movies (2 pages)

In this section, discuss a summary of each movie.

Similarities and Differences (2 pages)

In this section, discuss the similarities and differences of issues among three different minority groups (i.e., African American juveniles from Crips and Bloods, Hmong juveniles from Gran Torino, and Hispanic/Latinos juveniles from A Better Life).

Theoretical Implication (2–3 pages)

Use one or more criminological theories that we studied in this class and discuss how the theory helps you explain the issues among those juveniles. Then, based on the theory, discuss what kind of support would be necessary to support those juveniles staying away from gangs and criminal involvement.

Conclusion (less than one page)

Summarize your paper.


Paper grading rubric:

Good = 90% +, Sufficient = 80%–89%, Marginal = 70%–79%, Insufficient = 69% and below


____Good: Clearly outlined, logical sequence that the reader can follow

____Sufficient: Some minor organizational issues, but overall logically outlined

____Marginal: A better method of organization is necessary

____Insufficient: No method of organization, hard to follow

2.Content Knowledge

____Good: Addresses the questions, examples are specific and concrete, insightful analysis

____Sufficient: Did not address some of the questions, examples are presented but are insufficient

____Marginal: Demonstrates a basic knowledge about the subject but fails to elaborate

____Insufficient: Does not have a grasp of the information, fails to answer the questions


3.Grammar and Spelling

____Good: Almost no misspellings or grammatical errors

____Sufficient: Some minor misspelling or grammatical errors, but overall good quality of writing

____Marginal: Some major issues in spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation

____Insufficient: Numerous errors, work is illegible

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