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Elementary classroom
Using your notes as a guide, submit a summary of your response to the following:
Describe the instructional strategies you observed, and discuss how you recognized them as examples of the particular strategy.
How did the strategy meet needs of diverse learners?
What does the literature have to say about the appropriateness of the strategy when applied to diverse learners? (Note: Be sure to cite evidence from the resources from Week’s 2–5 to support your thinking.)
Considering what you have learned so far in this course, what suggestion would you provide to the teacher to enhance or promote learning? As you answer this question, think of ways the teacher could incorporate another strategy as an enhancement to the one you observed.
Over the past few weeks, you learned from scholars and other resources about a multitude of instructional strategies geared toward setting the climate FOR thinking, teaching the skills OF thinking, structuring the interaction WITH thinking, and thinking ABOUT thinking. This week, you will demonstrate your understanding of these strategies by indentifying and selecting examples of teachers or students who exhibit research-based strategies or practices in authentic learning environments.
Reflect on the media segments, the Learning Resources from Weeks 2 – 5, and the “at-a-glance” table you created last week. Then, take a “walkabout” or a journey around your school. Your goal for this walkabout is to search for, observe, and select examples of a teachers implementing (or examples of students engaged in) instructional practices or strategies that demonstrate expertise implementing five out of nine of the following practices/strategies:
An example of a teacher implementing brain-based strategies or students engaged in brain-compatible learning
An example of a teacher using differentiated instruction or students engaged in differentiated learning
An example of a teacher addressing social-emotional development
An example of a teacher addressing the knowledge and skills embedded in a standard
An example of a teacher applying one or more of “Marzano’s Cluster of Strategies”
An example of a teacher addressing or students displaying “Habits of Mind”
An example of a teacher engaging learners in project-based learning
An example of a teacher embedding “21st Century Skills”
An example of a teacher using (or students engaged in) authentic learning
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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