Visit the website of the Republic of the Philippines Court of Appeals, Manila, Third Division, download the 13 March 2012 (item 543) judgment in Takenaka Corporation & Asahikosan Corporation vs. Philippine International Air Terminals Company Inc., ( and together with any other material you may care to consult, answer the following questions.

(a) Provide a short account of the key, material facts which gave rise to this case together with the main parties and the progression of the dispute through the arbitration/court hierarchy in England and the Philippines.

(b) Outline the grounds which defendant-appellant PIATCO relied upon in asserting that the December 2005 foreign judgment (including orders for payment) of the English High Court of Justice wasn’t valid and shouldn’t be recognised and enforced.

(c) How did Associate Justice Rebecca De Guia-Salvador (Justice DGS) deal with PIATCO’s various arguments against enforcement of the London orders, and what was her final decision and order?

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