Using the outline of SWOT – Dunkin Donuts: Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Focus)

Using the outline of SWOT – Dunkin Donuts: Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Focus)
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1) Make A SWOT Analysis Regarding Dunkin Donuts: Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Focus)

2) Short Respond To The Following -Internal Strengths:

Brand Recognition: Dunkin Donuts is extremely popular and well known not only in New England, but across the country. It’s demographic is the average blue collar American, and the slogan “America Runs on Dunkins” resonates with Dunkin’s consumers. Dunkin Donuts is aimed towards the customer looking for a “no-frills” experience who “love routines” (
Convenience: Dunkin Donuts is largely a franchised company, which has provided the opportunity for vast store coverage. In 2014, the Boston Globe reported that there were 1,151 locations in MA alone (
Product Variety: Dunkin Donuts is constantly introducing new products and coffee flavors. It boasts over 1,000 different types of donuts, providing a variety for consumers. Dunkin Donuts also introduced almond milk as a non-dairy alternative for customers in 2014. (

Internal Weaknesses:

Accommodating Allergens: While Dunkin Donuts has attempted to appease customers with dietary restrictions with the introduction of Almond milk, it isn’t enough. Customers were teased with the possibility of a gluten-free donut that would be wrapped individually in 2013, but after testing the project was shelved. Dunkin Donuts also does not have a policy for calling out possible gluten sources in its beverages. This can be dangerous for consumers with serious food allergies (
Franchise Relationships: Dunkin Donuts was hit with a discrimination lawsuit in 2012. The Complaint exposed the statistic that out of 6,900 Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees in the United States, only 50 are African American. Those franchises were also “steered” into less than desirable locations ( The Bertico v Dunkin’ Brands Canada Ltd. Case is another example of bad relations between franchisees and the franchisor. The Franchisees claimed that Dunkin Donuts ignored their concerns regarding market share in their area with Tim Horton’s increasing their presence. Dunkin Donuts ignored the franchisees requests, which started in 1996. The franchisees were awarded $16.4 million for lost profits and lost investments (
Expansion: A majority of Dunkin Donuts business is based in New England, and there isn’t much more franchise opportunity in the area. Dunkin Donuts needs to figure out a way to expand across the U.S. and attract potential franchisees. Dunkin Donuts should implement franchise incentives, such as lower fees and dues, in regions it is looking to expand to.

3) Short Respond To The Following –
Starbucks Opportunities and Threats


Expand into foreign markets
Add Products
Food & Beverage Delivery
Increase Lunch Menu
Technology Advancements like ” Mobile Order & Pay”
Adding Video Screens to Drive-Thru’s


Competition: Mcdonald’s $1 coffee, Dunkin Donuts
Consumers that want Small Independent Cafe
Foreign Culture
Coffee Bean Prices

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