Using an evidence-based intervention when treating a client with a severe mental illness can, as for other clients, allow a counselor to be assured of the potential for success, as the intervention has been assessed by other counseling professionals and documented as effective.

Many counselors, however, neglect to review the literature regarding the treatment interventions they plan to use. As a counseling student and an intern, it is crucial that you get into the habit of using evidence-based treatment interventions and review the literature related to them. Doing so will serve you well in the long run.

In this paper, you will select an evidence-based intervention strategy for the client you described in Discussion 1. Then, you will explain why you think the intervention strategy will be effective.

To prepare for this paper:

• Reflect on the client you described in Discussion 1. Think about his or her presenting problems and diagnosis.

• Review the article “Psychiatric Rehabilitation Idealized: Multi-Setting Uses and Strategies Over the Course of Severe Mental Illness.” Focus on the treatment strategies discussed in relation to the case study. Think about how these strategies might apply to the client you described.
• Perform an academic search select at least two scholarly articles that discusses evidence-based interventions associated with individuals that have similar presenting problems as your client. The articles must be from a peer-reviewed journal. Reflect on why the interventions are effective for treating the client’s diagnosis.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of an evidenced-based intervention strategy that you would use with the client you described in Discussion 1. In your description, be sure to include the diagnosis and presenting problems that the intervention addresses. Then, explain why you think this is an effective intervention for treating the client’s diagnosis, citing evidence from the article(s) you selected.

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