US History -1877

This is the online version of the research paper but instead of creating a written account of your research I want you to “show” me. In other words, I want you to create a presentation of your research. Using any presentation software, such as PowerPoint, create a presentation of a historical topic that falls within the parameters of the course, take a position, and present your findings. The minimum slide requirement is 10, but don’t stop at their. Use as many slides as you see necessary to prove your point. Example of presentations will be made available. Originality of Topic
Presentations should reflect your creativity and individuality. Although your presentation will also be driven by the availability of information, pursue a topic that is unique and reflective of your interests. Don’t create a presentation on a topic that you are familiar with. Rather, create a presentation that requires you to search for information. Standard Range of Points Possible Wow! To Very original 10-8 Original to “Not much effort” 7-4 Boring 3-0

Logic Your coverage of facts, arguments and conclusions must be logically related and consistent. Remember, this presentation is going to be both read and viewed. Their must be some order or “flow” to the presentation. You must convince the viewer of the point you are trying to make. Standard Range of Points Possible Very clear, easy to understand 10-8 Clear to unclear 7-4 Not clear at all 3-0 
The format and organization of your presentation should reflect careful design. The organization and logic are connected. Your presentation will not be logical if there is no organization. And if there is no organization, the logic of the presentation will be lost. Much like a written persuasive essay, a presentation must follow the format of topic background, Statement, Evidence, and Conclusions. Standard Range of Points Possible Meticulous organization 10-8 Good to moderate organization 7-5 Mediocre to No organization 4-0 Usage, Language, and Writing
Simple, straightforward, standard American English is used. Long and complex sentences are avoided. Don’t copy and paste pages of text onto your presentation and conclude that is adequate. Synthesize your information. Correct spelling is essential, and clichés and vulgar language are avoided. Standard Range of Points Possible Clear sentences, excellent Synthesis 10-8 Text is excessive, sentences Contain grammatical errors 7-4 Many errors; copied and pasted Text 3-0 Style
All presentations must have a style that is consistent and reflective of the designers’ voice. Don’t be afraid to create something unique. Try to avoid using templates already pre-installed.

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