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The student can select one of the following two alternatives or present to the professor a request for a substitute assignment that could best assist him/her in achieving the course objectives and student learning outcomes.

1. Select any consumer or industrial product, then develop a marketing plan for
this product. The plan must cover the following strategic and tactical decision areas:
(Follow the marketing plan framework presented in the textbook, pp. 50-63)
a. The expected corporate culture of the selected marketing organization.
b. The mission and objectives of the organization.
c. An assessment of the relevant macro and micro environments that influence the marketing strategy.
d. Conclude the external and internal analyses with a SWOT analysis.
e. The relevant target market(s).
f. The desired marketing objectives.
g. The proposed comprehensive marketing mix strategy.
h. The specific forms and means of strategy implementation.
i. Proposed control and evaluation procedures.

2. Select a company and one of its products and conduct a marketing audit on the
company. The student is to become the class expert on that company and the
industry in which it operates. Information about the company and the industry
must be sought from such sources a Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Wall
Street Journal, Marketing Communications, Media/Scope, Advertising Age,
and so on. If possible, the student should visit or correspond with the
company, contact distributors or agents, and discuss the product with actual or
potential users. Conclude your audit by SWOT analysis.

All written papers should follow general APA style and must be typed, double-spaced, using 12-point font with one-inch margins, page numbers, and correct references.

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