Unit V Article Review

Unit V Article Review
Search the CSU Online Library and locate an article related to hazard identification and control. The Business Source Complete, Academic Search Complete, and Academic OneFile databases are good places to start your search. Try using a variety of search terms (e.g., hazard identification, hazard control, hazard prevention, industrial hazards, occupational hazards, controlling hazards). Search terms can also be derived from the information in Chapter 14 of the course textbook.
The selected article must be from a professional or academic journal, at least two pages in length, and published within the last five years. Be sure that the article is specific to occupational safety and health as some search terms may result in articles related to the finance and insurance industries.
Write a review that includes the following components:
 a brief introduction to the article,
 a summary and analysis of the key points in the article,
 a discussion on how the article supports or contradicts the concepts as presented in the textbook, and
 a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions.
The assignment must be in APA format and at least two pages in length (not including title and reference pages)

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