Two page of post-graduation and life-long learning paper

My background if it could help: I’m a non-traditional civil engineering student taking my last semester course before graduation


Action Item:  Prepare a PDF document; it can be in paragraph format.

Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 10 or 12 point size
Margins: 1 inch
Spacing: double or single-spaced (*see below for minimum page requirement based on spacing style)
(Those students who do not comply with the above will not receive credit for this assignment).

*Single space-one- page minimum or doubled space-two page minimum




  • What are your immediate (less than 2 years) post-graduation plans/goals? (please discuss at least 2)
  • What steps or opportunities will you take/seek out to accomplish those goals or fulfill those plans? (Please be specific)
  • Discuss what non-technical and/or technical skills do you think you are missing that you think will be needed by employers or companies?
  • In your personal opinion, what do you think will increase your own marketability or value to an employer?
  • Based on what you stated for the last question, how to do you plan on obtaining those skills or criteria, etc.?



  • What industry/industries do you want or hope to work for and what are the best ways you think to prepare for entry into that/those industry/industries?
  • What industry publications are available for this field, and who publishes and advertises in these publications?
  • How is professional licensure needed in the field you are pursuing?
  • What other licensing or accreditation/certification requirements are common in this field?
  • What would you study if you return to graduate school? List 3-5 Universities with programs of interest to you, and state why they’re attractive (location/reputation/specific professors/…).
  • How do you DEFINE Career Management?


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