Transition home for foster children

Please include the following details:


•Describe your organization’s background, history and mission.
•Include the overall goals of the organization.
•List current programs and activities, emphasizing major achievements of the past two years.
Rationale for Support

•Describe your program in detail.
•Include clearly stated goals and objectives.
•Include a project activities timeline.
•If your program involves a partner or partners, describe why you have chosen them.
•Describe how your project addresses one of the Journalism Program’s three grant making initiatives (News Literacy, Education & Training or Rights/Access & Accountability).
Impact & Measurement

•Include a needs statement describing the issue and who the program will serve.
•Describe how your strategy compares with or differs from others in the field.
•Describe how the proposed project will address the identified need.
•What research supports your data?
•Describe your plans for assessing the results and impact of the project. For example, how will your organization track, measure, and monitor progress toward meeting outputs, outcomes, and key milestones during and at the end of the grant period?
•How do you plan to share with others the obstacles you’ve met along the way, the failures encountered, or the best practices and lessons learned from carrying out this initiative?
Project Budget

Attached budgeting form to show your budget for the program for which you’re requesting funding. If you are proposing a multiple-year grant, you must provide a projected budget for each requested funding year.

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