Trade Unions Concerns over Equality, Ecological sustainability and Democracy

The themes of ecological sustainability, equality and democracy ought to be at the heart of trade unions. Indeed, these themes are the panacea to the prevalent deplorable working conditions that cut across the entire globe. The isolation of democratic approaches in the workplaces paved way for anachronistic capitalism that suppressed the welfare states to the detriment of full realization of workers’ rights (Panitch, 2001). Noteworthy, the post war boom ushered in serious economic disparities as capitalists and the middle-class perpetuated this by paying petty wages to workers to enhance their status quo (Panitch, 2001). This was the inception of a workers revolution to address the prevalent injustice. Additionally, ecological issues have adverse effects on workers’ rights due to ecological imperialism propagated by the rich western hemisphere (Panitch, 2001). This paper attempts to make an explicit display as to why trade unions should focus on equality, ecological sustainability and democracy and if they should collaborate with other trade unions in other countries.

It is of great relevance to this discussion to note that the aforementioned concerns should be the hallmark of trade unions operations. As it will emerge in the subsequent arguments, the aforementioned themes fundament the ideology upon which trade unions are built in a bid to address the plight of the contemporary worker, domestically and internationally.

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