topology design

Help please with topolohy design and costas for computers and peripherals

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Copyright © The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand 1 The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand New Zealand Diploma in Business Assessment 3 550 Business Computing Trimester 2, 2011 Weighting: This assessment is worth 20% of your final mark. Due date: Your answer must reach the Open Polytechnic by Monday, 17 October 2011. Instructions 1. Answer all questions. 2. All work submitted must be your own. 3. You may submit the single electronic file required for this project either through the Online Campus or by mail. We prefer to receive the electronic file through the Online Campus. 4. If you submit the file by mail, you will need to save it to either CD or DVD. Do not send us any other type of storage media. Clearly mark your CD with your name, your student number, the course name (550 Business Computing) and the file identification (Assessment 3). Refer to the assessment overview that follows for more details. Remember to attach an assessment return sheet to your submission. Post your completed assignment to the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand by the date above in the envelope provided. This is not the preferred method of submission. 5. Keep an electronic copy of your assessment. Note: The Open Polytechnic will not accept assignments emailed directly to lecturers, as there is no tracking system covering this route. Any assignment emailed directly to your lecturer will be returned unopened with the instruction either to resend through the Assessment Submissions link on the Online 2 Copyright © The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand Campus course page or to print out a hard copy and mail it in the envelope supplied in your enrolment box. Mark allocation Question Topic Marks 1. Communication technologies 8 2. Security risks, tools and procedures 6 3. Legal compliance issues 2 4. Health and safety 4 Total 20 Assessment overview You have been hired as an information technology consultant by the company in the scenario on page 3 of this assessment. You are required to write a business…


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