Topic: The Perceptions of Local Government Actors and Annexation, Local Government Spending, and the Complicating Role of Density

Over the last decade, the dynamics of power and discretionary authority of the U.S. local government has been waning. It is imminent that state governments have continued to influence the running of individual local jurisdictions that even cities’ influence is gradually waning. As these observations hold true, rethinking the power structure of local jurisdictions merits attention. Cities have been the laboratories of civilization. For instance, global-standard cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong among others have been the major economic hubs, yet state governments that have not attained these standards have continued to be domineering to cities, hence diluting the meaning of local governance (Bowman & Kearney 525). Taking cognizance of these particular observations, a summary of certain phenomenal aspects surrounding the disconnect between state control and local governance is critical.

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