Topic: Service Marketing 2

Topic: Service Marketing 2

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. choose any Motel 2 star or 3 star on Gold Coast, Australia.
Also, there is a template for service quality gaps models file in excel that you have to use and put it in the paper and fill score to reach different score to discuss later in Full service audit results about the audit in the assignment 2Part A.

The instruction for the assignment part A is :
1. Brief organisational profile
2. Data collection method (describe and justify!)
3. Full service audit results
4. Analysis (leading to identification of gaps)
5. Conclusions and recommendations (evidence based!)
6. References
7. Joint reflections (see page 3 of this document for more details)

All references have to be Australian references ONLY. And I put 20 references as maximum and minimum 15 references. Please all references have to be Australian ONLY.

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