Tom Asacker

Read Tom Asacker’s Sandbox Wisdom.

Write a 2,000 word essay that summarizes the book and the lessons to be learned from the book.  In the book “Bill’s Notepad” has various highlights of the lessons he has learned.  Look to those learning points for areas to explore in your essay.  The paper should follow APA guidelines, be in Times New Roman, Font 12, double spaced (roughly about 8 pages, but must be 2,000 words minimum).  Do not copy from the text without having a proper citation.

You can find information on manufacturing, operational leadership  heart of marketing, brand building, selling and management by stressing on virtues such as honesty and loyalty.

You should summarize in your concluding statements what you have learned from this book that you will use in the future after you graduate.  Please convey what you found will be successful to helping you succeed.

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