Thomas Tooke

This paper is to be typed and double-spaced. Excluding the title page, endnote page(s), and bibliography, each paper is to be 2,000 -2,500 words in length. The paper should draw on at least 5 sources, of which at least 4 are not from the internet. Again, print sources duplicated on the internet are permissible if you cite the print source in the references. This paper is to center on one particular “economist” or major contributor to “economic thought.” This paper should include (1) a biographical sketch; (2) an explanation of the economist’s methodological/philosophical position; (3) a survey of the major contributions of the economist to the position of “his” school or to the development of mainstream economics; (4) extended focus/discussion on what you consider the one major contribution of the economist; (5) your evaluation of the relevance of the economist’s contribution to political economy, economic analysis, etc. Since the focus is on your evaluation of what you consider to be the economist’s major contribution, the majority of the paper should be an explanation of this contribution and why you consider it important. This paper is to be on one of the economists listed in the appendix, and is to be a different economist than the biographical sketch, or you may seek instructor approval for a paper on an unlisted economist.

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