This FINAL consists of FOUR essays

This FINAL consists of FOUR essays?

you can choose anyquestion from the list , must choose 4questions from any chapter .

1. Name your file: Final Last Name, i.e. Final Jones

2. Put your name on the actual document you are submitting.

3. Write out and answer the questions. Check all spelling and grammar in MLA format.

4. Cite all sources, direct quotes or indirect ideas using elliptic giving author AND page numbers, i.e. (Soccio 26). Failure here could result in a 0%!

5. Include a Works Cited page at the end.

6. Make sure you submit the work inTurn It Inin a single Word document in doc. or docx. or richtext format.

7. Each essay is between 250-400 words. Extensive quotes do not count toward this. If you cannot answer a question in these parameters, use another question. Minimum word count DOES NOT insure an excellent grade.

PHL 210 Fall 2013 Final

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