This assignment is worth 20% of your final mark.

This assignment is worth 20% of your final mark.
Due date: 24 November 2016
Word count: no more than 3000 words.
Text book:
The set text required for this course is:

Dale, B.G., van der Wiele, T. & van Iwaarden, J. (2007). Managing Quality (5th ed.). United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell.
1. You should be able to complete this assignment in no more than 3000 words. A 10% variance on this word count is acceptable.
2. Where you are directly using ideas from other sources or quoting, you should appropriately acknowledge this with citations and references using APA referencing.

Case Study:
Krayoz Services Ltd is considering introducing a quality management system into its organisation. The business was started by Ozzie Krayski and has been in existence for about five years, growing from a single home service provider into a large franchise with twenty providers in New Zealand. While still involved in his own service provision organisation, Ozzie is not part of the current franchise management team. However, his son Sergei is on the board, and his granddaughter Natalia has just been appointed as Quality Manager for the overall franchise. They often meet as a family, and Ozzie keeps in touch with the whole organisation.

Ozzie loved his work from the earliest days and his first employees also found great fulfilment in providing their home services to people. The main focus of the franchise group is providing quality home-based services, including housework and gardening. Since the concept has been franchised, the organisation now has one hundred owners and employees scattered around the country. Most of the employees are part-time, but there are also full-time service providers and administrators among them.
Each of the franchise holders provides home services to their clients. The overall group is very successful with this, and there are also a number of the group members who have good contacts within the service community. For example, Ozzie’s group works with local health providers to ensure quality service provision for recovering surgical patients.
The steps in the business process begin with keeping in touch with local clients or customers. The next steps are to contact individual prospects or lodge proposals, locate service employees, make timetables for service, undertake the service and evaluate the provision. At any time, the quality of the interaction between staff and stakeholders is important. In fact, one of the most important areas overall is managing relationships. The local franchise holders keep in touch with others in the service area and rely on good information to obtain customers. Service providers also need to make sure that the clients are satisfied with the work and the interactions involved in providing good home services.
Recently, Natalia sent out an email to all the franchise holders about improving the overall management of quality. She highlighted some issues she had identified and also possible improvements and her email reflected her enthusiasm about quality. However, some of the recipients were not so receptive – indeed, one of Ozzie’s old friends (Charlie) has contacted him with some problems. He has a number of questions about what this new system will mean for his business, particularly as some of the employees are not happy – they are concerned that such a process change will increase their workload without any increase in reward.
Your task
Ozzie has contacted Natalia, and she wants to provide a simple explanation of quality systems to him. She has asked you to assist with this. Using the information available, your brief is to present an analysis that includes the following.
1. 1. Quality management
a) Provide a simple definition of quality management as it could relate to Krayoz Services Ltd (10 marks)
b) Consider how the introduction of a quality management system might affect the following three groups at Krayoz Services Ltd. (15 arks)

• External customers.
• Franchise owners.
• Part-time employees.
2. 2. Creating or adopting a quality culture
a) Discuss the requirements of adopting a quality culture. (10 marks)
b) Analyse how adopting quality management can have both costs and benefits. Your analysis should include a discussion of two costs and two benefits that relate to Krayoz Services Ltd.
(20 marks)
3. 3. Identification of ways to improve quality
a) Explain each step in the overall business process at Krayoz Services Ltd and:
– highlight any two areas that you consider to be a value add opportunity
– identify two moments of truth (15 marks)
b) Briefly discuss how understanding the importance of value add opportunities and moments of truth might contribute to quality improvement
(10 marks)
4. 4. Recommendation

In the light of the available information, recommend and explain two steps that the management at Krayoz Services Ltd can take to begin their quality journey
(10 marks)
Marks will also be awarded for presentation

• Overall presentation includes introduction, any appendices (as required), appropriate referencing, structure, clarity, and length.
• Note that while you may use any appropriate format for your analysis, please use the four identified topic areas as main headings.
(10 marks)
[Total: 100 marks

Module 1
We will be spending quite a bit of time in this course looking at Module 1. In fact, the Study Plan puts aside three weeks for the study of this section.
A number of topics are covered in Module 1. These include:
o What is quality and who determines quality?
o The cost of quality, customers and moments of truth
o Total Quality Management.

You may have head of some of these topics before, or even thought about aspects of them. For example, you probably have some idea about what you think quality is. However, in this study will will go into some more depth about quality itself, and what affects quality management.
In the Learning Guide, there are some activities to help you focus your study. For example, the first activity looks at the definition of quality, and then you are asked to think about different perspectives on quality. There are other activities which you might like to try as you work through the Module.

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