Thesis Statement and Outline

University of Phoenix Material


Thesis Statement and Outline



Complete the following outline. Items in bold are required. The remaining items are optional, but remember that the more detail you include on the outline, the easier the paper will be to draft!



Thesis statement:


  1. First body paragraph topic:
  2. Supporting detail: Ebola is a deadly disease that has spreaded into the United States.
  3. Subdetail:
  4. Subdetail:
  5. Supporting detail: The disease has killed hundreds of people worldwide.
  6. Subdetail:
  7. Subdetail:
  8. Second body paragraph topic: Why is the disease so deadly? The disease causes a lot of bleeding from the inside and outside of the body. The more blood lost, the higher the patient is at risk.
  9. Supporting detail: What causes the disease?
  10. Subdetail:
  11. Subdetail:
  12. Supporting detail: What are the symptoms of the disease? High fever
  13. Subdetail:
  14. Subdetail:
  • Third body paragraph topic: Do the disease affect elderly or middle age people the most?
  1. Supporting detail: The disease can affect anyone and can spread among individuals if exposed to the disease.
  2. Subdetail:
  3. Subdetail:
  4. Supporting detail: Are there a cure for the disease? At this time there are no cures for the disease. Doctors just advise patients to drink plenty fluids.
  5. Subdetail:
  6. Subdetail:
  7. Fourth body paragraph topic (if needed)
  8. Supporting detail:
  9. Subdetail:
  10. Subdetail:
  11. Supporting detail:
  12. Subdetail:
  13. Subdetail:



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