Theory of Truth and Rhetropic

Theory of Truth and Rhetropic

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By Module/Week 5, you should have enough information to compose and submit the introduction for your research paper. Before you write the introduction, you should have 15 scholarly sources that address your approved theory. Do not underestimate this assignment. Although the introduction to a paper is brief, it demonstrates the significance of the research through the definition of relevant terms and the contextualization of the research for the audience. By this point in the project, you should have conducted all of your research so that your thesis sentence demonstrates your thorough knowledge of the communication theory. The length of your introduction depends on the complexity of your topic; however, be sure to develop a clear focus in your introduction that culminates in your thesis statement. You should include the following components in your introduction:
•The purpose of your research
•Expectations from an investigation
•A research question
•A thesis statement (last sentence of the paragraph)

Format your introduction according to APA style. See the grading rubric attached above for the specific grading criteria.

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