Theory Critique

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Use theorist Hildegard Peplau and the Chnn & Kramer model for evaluation. if you have access to text books the ISBN #978-1-60547-211-9 (table 10-1, page 184).
This is guide lines for critique. Alternate Text Version for Critique and Analysis of Theory Review the process of theory evaluation using the table below. Critique and Analysis of Theory Topic Description Theory Evaluation Theory Evaluation • The ultimate goal is potential contribution of a theory to scientific knowledge • In nursing practice, theory evaluation may provide a clinician with additional knowledge about the soundness of the theory • In research, the process helps clarify the form and structure of a theory being tested Theory Evaluation Process: • Theory description • Theory analysis • Theory evaluation or theory critique Theory Description Theory Description • The initial step in the evaluation process • Works of the theorist are reviewed with a focus on the historical context of the theory • Related works are examined to gain further understanding Theory Analysis Theory Analysis • Second phase of the evaluation process • Refers to a systematic process by objectively examining content, structure, and function of a theory • Is non-judgmental with the primary aim to understand the theory Theory Evaluation/Critique Theory Evaluation/Critique • Also called theory critique • Final step in the process • Evaluation follows analysis and assesses the theory’s potential contribution to the discipline’s knowledge base • How is the theory used to direct nursing practice and does it contribute to favorable outcomes • The whole theory must be studied as parts of the theory without the whole will not be fully meaningful and may lead to misunderstanding • Need to consider level and scope of theory Here is the assignment criteria: Select one of the models listed on the table in Meleis Text (Table 10-1, page 184) and perform a critique of the theory you have selected to present.
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