The Yellow Wallpaper or the Lottery

Extend the analysis you have constructed to compare/contrast Carver’s “What We Talk about when We Talk about Love” with either Shakespeare’s “Let Me Not To The Marriage of True Minds” or Donne’s “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning” into an essay which explicates both the short story and the poem. Jig sees the setting symbolically, and the reader is able to immediately identify with her. Argue Jig as either a submissive character who cedes her will to the American, or as a “superior” character who manipulates the American. Based upon your analysis, draw a conclusion about Jig’s “ultimate” decision, and subsequently Hemingway’s purpose with the story. Explain why/how “The Lottery” is inherently paradoxical. Ironically, in building a community, the townspeople decimate all that is communal. Demonstrate this from the text, and offer insight into how and why their seemingly “good” intention has gone awry. Analyze how the characters in The Lottery function symbolically. How does the conflict represented by the characters affect theme? Analyze the presence of religious/political ideology in “The Lottery” in order to discuss the societal or cultural warning Jackson depicts. Irony is an important literary tool. Charlotte Gilman employs several types in “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Focus on the irony within the short story, and explain how it contributes to Gilman’s theme. Explain how one’s interpretation of the short story is significantly affected by irony. Note: You have SIX choices…ONLY CHOOSE ONE! Your essay should have a clear thesis statement (your main claim) which will control the content of the essay; the content (body) will supply the support (smaller claims connected to evidence) necessary to explain, develop, and prove your thesis statement. The conclusion should echo your introduction, reiterate your main claim, highlight support, and hint at a broader context. YOU MUST QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM TEXT to accomplish this. Remember to introduce, cite, and explain/justify quotations as you integrate them strategically into your own sentences. Use literary criticism or relate-able research as necessary. REVISE ESSAY BEFORE YOU SUBMIT! READ IT OUT LOUD PLEASE! 650-800 words FORMAT: M.L.A. Times New Roman 11/12 font size double spaced.

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