The Role of Trudeau and Mulroney in Solving the Problem of Quebec

The situation in Canada was mired with difficulties in every realm, politically, economically and even socially. Economic crisis resulting to massive job cuts were the issues that raised instabilities all over Canada[1]. It was about survival and a consolidation of every possible effort to meet the challenging times that dominated the focus of each individual province. The question of national cohesion was of little significance; rather, what remained relevant was how each individual province would manoeuvre to survive autonomously. Both political and economic disparities engulfed the provinces in Canada but the influence and the repercussions were asymmetrical. This, perhaps, provides an explanation behind Quebec’s separatist quest from the entire Canada. This essay will attempt to explore the role of Trudeau and Mulroney in solving the problem of Quebec’s place in Canada.

Since the 1930’s, Canada experienced the worst economic dislocation with socio-political tragedies as well. Need to adopt policies that would alleviate the condition was inevitable[2]. Behind these were, Margaret Thatcher of Britain, Ronald Reagan of United States and in Canada, Brian Mulroney. Certain policies from the Great Depression period were adopted to help alleviate the prevalent economic crisis. These included reduced social spending, privatised government activities, a cut back on the civil service and a control over the money supply. However, in Keynesians views, such policies were rendered null and void as did nothing tangible during the Great Depression. As the federal government failed to deliver to the satisfaction of individual provinces, particularly Quebec, then the province’s separatist quest became irresistible.


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