The movie "Spiderman" evaluation

The movie of Spiderman I revolve around a man named Peter Parker who is a high school senior that lives with his uncle in Forest Hill, New York. Regardless of his love to Mary Jane Watson, he does not have the courage to reveal his feeling to her. One of Peter’s friends is Harrys Osborn whose father is Dr. Norman Osborn. One day, during Peter’s visit at the genetic lab, an escaped genetically engineered spider has accidentally bites Peter. Later on at home, he falls unconscious. Normally, this mutant spider bites would kill its prey, but instead of dying, peter becomes a superhuman with mutant-spider like ability. Peter’s has the ability to emit spider webs and he is able to attach to the wall. Using his advantage as a superhuman, Peter starts to use his skills to impress Mary Jane. He joins into a wrestling tournament and earns $3000 that eventually get rob. He lets the thief get away, but sadly the thief kills his uncle while running. From there, Peter decides to honor his uncle’s death by fighting crime. Instead of using his power to make money, he gets his daily earning by selling pictures of Spiderman to the editor of a local newspaper. In the meantime, Norman Oshborn injects special chemical into himself that makes him superhuman as well with monstrous strength and contradicting character. Dr. Oshborn monstrous character is called the Green Goblin. Opposite to Spiderman, Oshborn uses his power to satisfy his own desire, it starts by killing the board of directors after they fire him earlier, and then he turns the city into chaos. Green Goblin also one of the people with special traits that dislike Spiderman and tries to kill him. However Spiderman tactical plot manages to evade the flying glider remote control attack and it happened to stab through its master. While Spiderman good intentions to transports the body of his enemy back to its residence, Harry, Osborn’s son spots him and misperceived that it was Spiderman who killed his father. Harry then grown up with bitterness and personal grudge against Spiderman.

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