The impact of Social Media on the UAE Society Impact of instgram on entrepreneur in the UAE

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Topic: The impact of Social Media on the UAE Society
Impact of instgram on entrepreneur in the UAE

I want to write a proposal about the “Impact of instgram on entrepreneur in the UAE” and require the following :-

1- Research Question; I need research question related to the “Impact of instgram on entrepreneur in the UAE” as example bellow but in different way in writing.

2- Methodology; The writer should write about what different methodology use for the research; Qualitative research and quantitative research (online resources, journal and so on )

3- Significance of the Research; This part will be link to the research question as base on the research question.

Example of proposal
Topic : The Influence of Top Management on ITIL Implementation in Dubai Government Entities

Research Question
The Main Research Question is: How to get the top management support to achieve a
Successful ITIL implementation in Dubai government entity?

The main research question has been divided into sub-questions to facilitate, analyze
and recommend a solution to the research problem.

The research sub-questions are:
1. What is the degree of top management influence on ITIL implementation success in Dubai government entity?
2. How does the ITIL expected value added affect top management support in a Dubai government entity?

Significance of the Research

This research attempts to recommend a solution for a current concern in Dubai government entities that would lead to IT service delivery and excellency. This is amandate for Dubai government entities as per Dubai Strategic plan 2015, 2011. ITIL implementation CSF have not been researched and tested in Dubai. The current CSF the researcher will refer to in the proposed research have been tested by some researchers and their studies for the ERP implementation in organizations and have not been tested for ITIL implementation and especially in Dubai government entities. The outcome of this research is to communicate and increase the knowledge for asuccessful ITIL framework implementation in Dubai government entities in order to achieve Dubai Strategic plan 2015.

Note :- no example for methodology, write should find out , and after finish each point writer should summarize each point in bullet points.

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