“the gift of the magi”,”the secret gift”

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Write an analytical essay about the short story about ,”the gift of the magi” and the critique, “the secret gift”,by Ted Gup

Find the thesis/topic in the book and the critique. Do not compare or contrast or agree. JUST analyze the two texts.

Introduction should be one paragraph only. Summarize the short story,the gift of the magi in the intro. And mention the critique(provide one sentence of the critique in the introduction. Thesis/topic the last sentence in the introduction.

The thesis/topic can be about a gift.

The conclusion should be a short summary of what you said in the thesis. Do not add nothing new and do not repeat yourself. Of

Use quotes from the critique and evidence from the book to support the thesis. Sentences has to flow. Also use transition words.

Use 8 quotes from the critique by Ted Gup.

Find quotes from the critique and analyze the book discuss how it relates to the topic/theme:GIFT.

The link to the critique by Ted Gup: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-gup-anonymous-gifts-20141214-story.html

You can also check online for the short story,”The gift of the Magi”.

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