Term paper of economic evaluation of a company

Use at least three of the financial management principles taught in this course to identify, explain, and evaluate business practices and propose efficiency improvements in these practices regarding one or more business problems of your firm, a firm for which you work, and/or some other company or government agency with which you are familiar.

For formative assessment, some part of the GRP assignment is due on Monday in seminars 2, 3, and 4, before the complete paper is due in seminar 6.  Use the assignment link to submit each part to the Grade Center.  In seminar 2, submit your preferred topic for the instructor’s approval.  In seminar 3, submit an outline of your paper.  In seminar 4, submit your literature review and references. Continue to research and write your paper in seminar 5, before submitting the complete paper, as a Microsoft Word document, by Monday in seminar 6.  The instructor will be happy to discuss the preparation of any part of your graduate research paper at any time until the paper is due in the final seminar week.  Some sample papers are also provided for your review.

All papers must include an abstract that, in part, includes:  a) a statement of purpose; b) a research method statement, including the types of research information used in your paper; and c) a statement of important findings, including how the reader, company, student or others could benefit from the research findings or results.  Subtopic headings are needed in your paper to highlight its organizational structure.

The purpose of this Graduate Research Project (GRP) is to have students compare and contrast, evaluate, synthesize, and apply theoretical concepts covered in this course to practical cases.  The GRP comprises 27% of the

overall grade for this course.  Parts of the GRP assignment due in 2, 3, and 4

are collectively worth 10%; the final paper is worth 17% of the course grade.


  1. Introduction:  To include a depiction of the context and scope of the topic
  2. Literature Review:  Review of literature associated with the selected financial principles.
  3. Analysis of the selected financial principles as they relate to business practices.
  4. Synthesis/Integration: Propose efficiency improvements for the selected organization’s business practices based on the selected financial principles.
  5. Conclusion


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