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Assignment Brief
Course/Programme: BA (Hons) Business Management and BA (Hons) Event Management
Level: 6
Module Title: Human Resource Strategy
Module Leader: Terry
Assignment title: Linking HR Strategy with Organisational Strategy
Assignment number: 1 of 1
Weighting: 100% of overall module grade
Date given out:
Submission date:
Method of submission: Online only X Online and paper copy
Special instructions for submission (if any): Informal report with references list.
Date for results and feedback: 26th January 2016
Employability skills assessed: C1, C2, IT1, IT2, PS1
Learning outcomes assessed: 1. Critically evaluate the conceptual framework contributing to the HRM perspective.
2. Understand how to shape the HR strategy of an organisation in support of its business strategy.

Assignment brief:

“For two decades we have been hearing that HR must become a strategic partner to the business. And the fact that we’re still hearing it suggests that in many organizations it hasn’t happened.”
J. Craig Mundy, Harvard Business Review (July 2012)
This quotation reflects the on-going debates, in both academic and professional circles, concerning the need for organisations to link HR Strategy with Organisational Strategy, and the question as to whether HR has a strategic role in Organisations.
Your task is to write a report which analyses, in both practical and theoretical terms, the ways in which an organisation might link its HR Strategy with its Organisational Strategy. In undertaking this analysis you should both:
i) Critically analyse a range of academic models of Strategic HRM AND
ii) Illustrate your discussion of HR Strategy using examples of HR practices taken from the topics covered during the module.

Your report of approximately 3000 words should be fully referenced in Harvard style. Please hand in your assignment to the assessment office, obtain a receipt, and keep a copy. You are also required to submit an on-line copy for the same submission date so that plagiarism checks can be undertaken. More information on this will be provided later during the module.
Learning Outcomes
3. Critically evaluate the conceptual framework contributing to the HRM perspective.
4. Understand how to shape the HR strategy of an organisation in support of its business strategy.
Employment Skills: C1, C2, IT1, IT2, PS1
Suggested starting points for reading:
Beardwell J and Claydon T, (2014) Human Resource Management, 7th Edn, FT Prentice Hall, Harlow
Farnham, D. (2010) HRM in Context. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
Amstrong, M. (2014) Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. 13th edition. London: Kogan Page.
Marchington, M and Wilkinson A. (2012), Human Resource Management at Work – People Management and Development. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
Torrington D., Hall L and Taylor S., (2014), Human Resource Management, 9th edn. London: Pearson
Journal Articles
Martell, K. and Carroll, S.J. How Strategic is HRM? Human Resource Management, 1995, Volume 34, Issue 2
Sareen, P. and Subramanian, K. E-HRM: A Strategic Review.International Journal of Human Resource Studies, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3
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Dan-Shang, Wang; Chi-Lih Shyu. (2008) Will the strategic fit between business and HRM strategy influence HRM effectiveness and organizational performance? International Journal of Manpower vol 29, No.2 pp 92-110.
People Management Magazine – ‘back’ copies available in the UCS Library
Personnel Today – available free on-line

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