The Case Study is: SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER (Case study 4)

(1) Explain what the purpose of a clinical assessment is.

(2) Identify a commonly used instruments clinicians or psychologists use to screen for a particular disorder and why it would be used. Note, the DSM-5 is not a screening instrument. An instrument helps to identify if a patient is experiencing the symptoms listed in the DSM-5. An example of an instrument is the Beck Depression Inventory that screens for symptoms Major Depressive Disorder, or the PC-PTSD that is designed to screen for post- traumatic stress disorder.

(3) During a clinical assessment, why would a clinician consider the level of severity of a patient’s symptoms?.


Chapter 2 ” An integrative Approach to Psychopathology” including pages 57-60

Chapter 3 ” Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Research in Psychopathology.

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