Studying Rich as a Case in Point

1-work specifically with the Rich’s poems presented in your text
2-consider the question of what the poems show of revision, not merely at the language level but at the idea level
3-address some of the larger questions of writing, culture, and gender raised by Rich
4-incorporate the work of Freire in his “The Banking Concept of Education” as it can be shown to relate to Rich’s work here
5-should take care to acknowledge the voices Freire and Rich but not at the expense of your own; let your own voice come through strongly in this conversation of ideas
6-make a compelling argument, unified with a single controlling idea/thesis tied together with a clear conclusion
7-have an interesting opener and a resonating close
8-be fully developed and well-supported with logical reason, clear evidence, and highly specific detail
9-have an effective title—one that is interesting, representative of the work is about, and creative

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