"Studies in Terrorism"

“Studies in Terrorism”

You are to design the “perfect” terrorist organization. We understand that there are flaws in every organizational structure but try to be as thorough as possible in addressing potential design flaws. Your design should incorporate everything you have learned and currently know about terrorism ideologies, groups, group structures, hierarchy, financing, communications, planning, security (internal and operational), as well as the impact of historical terrorist events. Use all the resources available to you.

Your design should include organizational charts, lines of communication, ideologies and the means in which you intend to carry out your terror campaigns. Be specific! Include the sources of financing you will establish. Discuss your ultimate goals and address how you will maintain survivability across countries, continents and generations. A terrorist organization with a single charismatic leader is not considered multi-generational, nor is it survivable should a single cell/group be discovered and exploited by counter-terrorism agencies. Your organization should be international in character with global aspirations.

In addition to preparing a formal paper that completes this assignment, on Week 7 you will prepare and submit via the Discussion Board a power point type of presentation that describes your organization for your classmates. The best way to do this is to create the presentation first, Compress all the images on each slide, then save/export it as a PDF so that you can upload a smaller file with your Discussion Post. Your classmates will be expected to offer constructive critiques to your organizational design as part of their responses to your discussion thread.

This is meant to be a fun project but also a serious project to demonstrate what you have learned in the course, textbook and readings! Cite sources and use a reference page.

Read the following 2 documents for inspiration for your analysis:

Homeland Security Thesis – 1

Homeland Security Thesis – 2

Remember, syntax, grammar, and proper writing (including punctuation) is essential in anything that you submit in this course.

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