Strategies for addressing Australia indigenous alcohol and other drug use

Strategies for addressing Australia indigenous alcohol and other drug use

Indigenous Australians have lower alcohol consumption rates compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts, (48% and 62% respectively in the National Health Survey in 2004-2005). However, there is the general belief that alcohol consumption is a significant issue for Indigenous Australians. Why?</o:p>

While overall consumption rates may be lower the problem is that when Indigenous people drink, they tend to consume much higher levels of alcohol, at levels considered harmful to health, hence the problem is exacerbated. There are also a range of social factors that contribute to the problem, for example the rate of alcohol consumption is much greater for Indigenous people living in remote and very remote areas (e.g. up to 92% of drinkers consuming unsafe levels).</o:p>

There is also evidence to suggest that Indigenous Australians have higher rates of drug use compared to non-Indigenous Australians. For example, 22% of Indigenous Australians report regular cannabis use compared to 11% of non-Indigenous Australians, while injecting drug use is double for Indigenous vs. non-Indigenous Australians.</o:p>

Please address the following questions as a mini-essay:</o:p>

What strategies have been implemented (at a national, state, and/or community level) to address the issue of alcohol and other drug use amongst Indigenous Australians?</o:p>

What evidence is there to support the effectiveness of such strategies?</o:p>

How can the effectiveness of such strategies be enhanced?
500 words and additional references

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