The Story of Earth in 2070


Imagination of living in 2070 is possible. It’s close than anyone can think. When there is a news story about Earth in 2070, everybody goes into anxiety of thinking that the Earth will be hotter, populous and chaotic. Contrary to this, science predicts the earth to be hotter. However, it will not be populous and chaotic. Nevertheless, no one can confidently say what the Earth will look like in the next 5 decades. Hollywood is leading all the way to envision the futuristic of the Earth. They may get it right, but theirs is only a forecast based on entertainment as compared to futuristic scientific experiment.

Most of the world’s leading computer laboratories are developing futuristic software resources. It’s not uncommon to see stories indicating how robots will take on every activity that humans do. It’s unfortunate that technological development is aligned with a threat to human existence. When discussing about the future, especially several decades to come, health issues come first. The future is thought to have a more sickly population. This suggests that the sickly population will have difficulties surviving as compared to today. Today, the population seem healthier as compared to the future populations. Elsewhere, technology experts are quick to indicate that the future populations will be healthier due to medical innovations.

In this story, the characters will represent technologists, religious people, the environmentalists, and common people who need knowledge. The common people are the audience receiving presentations from the above representatives of various industries on the future of Earth in the year 2070.

A day in the discussion of Earth in the year 2070 from a technologist’s perspective seem to provide bright and promising future that every presently living person would wish to be. The technologists would be quick to say that global warming will be contained, food will be produced within the shortest time possible to save for resources and increase economics of product. Medical technologies will save the world off majority of diseases and the population will be healthier than today. When a technologists holds the presentation, the audience wish that he should continue making the presentation because of the promising future. The second presenter representing the religious people enters stage. He begins with assurance to the future Earth, but gives conditions. The conditions is “if the population has faith in the highest King”. The audience takes a deep breath, but continue to listen to the presentation. Perhaps the audience is used to the condition for having faith to the Supreme Being. The religious person continues with the presentation, but counters the promises from the technocrats. The technocrats may be giving you promises, but the Supreme Being will decide if what way the world is going. “Hold on to the future with your faith and trust in God of the most high.” The religious presenter exclaim.

Next in the presentation is the environmentalist. Like the religious person, the environmentalist counters the technocrat’s presenter. They differ in the way the technocrat is proud about the future without consideration the consequences of getting there. Today, according to the environmentalist, technological activities are short lived. They are short lived in a way that technology created today is not sustainable and cannot sustain humans. Therefore, future sustainability depends on creating more technology. This suggests that the future humans rely on technology such that without technology there will be no survival. Relying on technology has a near 100% negative effect on the environment. This means that relying on technology is a lot worse than developing the concept of a natural environment. Natural environment is sustainable even if the current population will live to see the year 2090.

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