Special Education – Writing PLEP

Special Education – Writing PLEP
Present Level of Educational and Functional Performance (PLEP)

Identify a student from your current school placement or use one of the case studies provided in the textbook, to write an Present Level of Educational Performance (PLEP). A blank IEP form is available here on the ISBE website (http://www.isbe.net/spec-ed/html/iep.htm
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The information you need to fill out is found on page 1 and page 2 of the IEP document.
1 Gather RECENT information/data (academic performance, testing, assessments given, and/or RTI information) on a student that currently has an IEP.
2 Report the student’s strengths. Be specific.

For writing the PLEP, gather the following information on the student:
I. Introduction/Background
Age, Socio-economic background, family, etc. History (medical, family, school)
II. Strengths and Weaknesses in the following areas (Include any available testing information (both formal and informal)
Language Characteristics: Receptive/expressive language (listening, understanding, speaking)
Components and skills of language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics)
Academic learning characteristics: Reading (age/grade level? Skills: decoding, fluency, comprehension) Writing (age/grade level? Specify what the child can do…skills: mechanics, quality) Math (age/grade level? Skills: numeracy, computation, problem solving, word problems) Content areas
Cognitive & perceptual characteristics: retention and recalling, using strategies, processing, analyzing, thinking, etc.
Social emotional characteristics and adaptive behavior: interactions with others, relationships with peers and adults, communication, daily life skills, day to day problem solving.
III. Include methods which have worked in instruction and behavior interventions, and recommendations for the Multidisciplinary team.

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