Spatial distribution of tourists on the Silk Road

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The first part must be about 12 pages on the geopolitics of the Silk Road emphasizing on overland tourism with centrality of Iran’s geopolitical issues with neighboring countries including: Turkey, Central Asian countries, Iraq, Caucasus, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as trans-regional superpower countries including USA, UK and Russia. The geopolitical barriers including visa issues, boarder conflicts, drug trafficking and impacts of wars (War on Terror’, Arab Spring’,Syrian civil war’ and Uprising in Turkey’) must be extensively explained and its impact on tourism development on the Iranian Silk Road must be identified.
The next part of this chapter is representing the empirical study of small part of the thesis, which focuses on ‘Spatial distribution of tourists on the Silk road with centrality of Isfahan tourism’. In this part I would like to analyze the itineraries of ten major tour operators providing overland tours on the Silk Road by using online resources methodology. (Attached please find the URLs of the tour operators)
The itineraries of these tours is a central point of this part of the chapter, and must be adopted and implemented in three main models that I have explained in my literature review 1) Space-time path model; 2) Accessibility and connectivity models by Rodrigue et al., (2006) and 3) Tourist movement Patterns.
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