South African Apartheid

South African Apartheid
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write a paper that considers how writers and filmmakers have responded to the late apartheid (i.e. post 1976) and post-apartheid (post 1994) eras. Where appropriate, also discuss how they have integrated this with their depictions of apartheid and South Africa’s broader historical legacy.
This paper should analyze the novels, other writings, and films we have considered since the first analytical paper (i.e. since the readings beginning on 10/5), and should emphasize the works of Mda and Mpe, (and Wicomb to the extent helpful re late apartheid) as well as the films Tsotsi and District 9, and selections (of your choice) from The South Africa Reader, but you are welcome to draw on any material we have used in the course (for instance, it might be interesting to look back at Albie Sachs’s essay in the Reader, “Preparing Ourselves for Freedom,” among other pieces. Your paper should be a unified essay, not merely a serial discussion of several works.
You should use The South Africa Reader for historical context in your discussions. (If you want more historical detail about the end of apartheid and its immediate aftermath, feel free to look at Nancy Clark and William Worger, South Africa: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid, 2nd ed. (Harlow, England: Longman 2011)). You may include discussion of films that are set during apartheid but made after 1994 (e.g. Catch a Fire), and the novel Waiting for the Barbarians, though written earlier, is always a useful vehicle for discussing power.
This is not an easy assignment. I am asking you to think comprehensively about a body of work, so please take time to craft your essays, with careful use of evidence. Remember to think about issues of class and gender as well as race.
Your essay should advance a thesis, supported by evidence drawn from the reading and films. You must cite your sources for all claims, not just direct quotes. You should use Turabian notes and bibliography style. Please use footnotes (not endnotes) for this paper, and please get the citation style correct. Ask if you have questions, but use the Turabian manual (available in the library) and the Turabian Quick Guide (online).

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