Sociology assignment

Formation is the accumulation of knowledge skills, attitudes, values, and experiences. It is the shaping of your character and identity. It has occurred from the moment you decided to become a nurse and occurs over your entire professional career. Please read the entire article on Florence and identify the factors that led to her formation (there are no less than 40). You should choose a 3 factors to discuss. Your paper should name the factors you choose. You should then discuss how these factors affected Florence’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, experiences, choices, and or commitment. The paper should be about 500-750 words. Please include: 3 page paper double-spaced (Times Roman 12) , Demonstrates an understanding of the concept of formation Chooses 3 factors to discuss Presents a clear discussion on how those factors contributed to Florence’s formation including how they affected her knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, experiences, choices and or commitment. Writes an exceptionally clear, insightful paper.

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